Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Walk

I went on two walks yesterday. The one for exercise like Tara suggested. And the one to hunt black berries. We had found them in the past along a certain walk path around a chi-chi neighborhood. So that's where we started. First we walked along the backwaters of the sailing club and then along the riverbank path.
We saw the Lord of the Manor's national flower.

We saw this odd globe shaped flower on a large shrub. Does anyone know what it's called?

We saw wild roses.
We saw our state flower, the California Poppy.
We saw our state bird, the California Quail.
But we didn't find any berries there so we ended up at the Sailing Club where there were lots of vines. I had a nice second walk and it's a good thing too, because I ate this for dessert!

P.S. haven't walked yet today unless walking to the kitchen for more pie counts.

P.P.S. I felt so guilty about the pie for breakfast that I went for a walk; 6398 steps.


Beverly said...

What a lovely walk, and the fruits of your labor look delicious. I think I would be walking to the kitchen for some of that, too.

Dana said...

Your dessert looks devine and yes, every step counts--even if it is only to load up on a treat from the kitchen! I just returned from a "drag" by my grand dog. She only weighs about 20 lb., but she is one strong little power house on a leash!

Morning said...

I'll never understand why anyone would want to walk on a treadmill in the gym when there are views outside like those!

Pat said...

I am taking part in Tara's challenge but I over did it last week and hurt my hip so it's a day of rest today. I'd love to join you doe some of your delicious pie!