Sunday, July 13, 2008

Baby Birds Must Fly

Do you remember the Black Phoebes I told you about in May? How they made a nest and raised three babies on our front porch? Well in June the Mommy laid five more eggs and on June 22nd, they hatched. I stuck a little mirror on the ceiling of the porch so I could watch them.
The parents dutifully fed them delicious bugs for three weeks and they grew and grew and soon were barely hanging onto the nest. I took this photo on Monday July 7th when it was really hot. I was worried that maybe they would die from the heat, but the next day they were fine.

I took this photo last Thursday; they were almost as big as their parents. Then yesterday morning the Lord of the Manor went out the front door and exclaimed, "Quick, come look, the babies are flying away!" So we all ran to catch a glimpse of them scattering into the trees. Wasn't it amazing that they instinctively knew how and when to fly away?

And speaking of flying away, that's Teen1 flying away to Auxiliary practice all by herself. Apparently Saturday was a good day for baby birds to test their wings.

P.S. I didn't walk but I wore my pedometer and worked in the garden for hours; 8511 steps, lots of sore muscles.


Jill L said...

I know the feeling. My heart sank when I watched my boys drive offfor the firt time alone. They'll be 18 next week and I can't beleive it!

travelbug said...

Oh, my! Time goes by so quickly, doesn't it? Wait until they leave home! When my first, at barely 17, left home for college I think I cried for days.

Beverly said...

What a wonderful evolution - all of your babies.

becky up the hill said...

They are so cute..I'm glad they are on your house and not mind tho! Two years ago they built their mud pie nest right above my bedroom window, glued it to the house. It was a little like watching them catch bugs tho.

Tara said...


Let's hope all the baby birds--yours included--are always safe! I posted about my exercise dramas, hop over if you need a good laugh--but we are sticking to it together, right? Thanks for the inspiration!!

Anonymous said...

came over from the posie gets cozy blog.

I have no children, but for several years a humminbird built and added on to her nest in the gardenia bush. It was the perfect height to go out and watch them grow. I would be such a proud auntie when they flew away, and yet worried at the same time.

She didn't come back this year. I was so sad, until the doves built their sad nest in a flower pot on my patio, and I got to watch them grow. One morning I watched the wings flapping and fluttering and then baby number one was gone. The next morning, baby number two was gone before I even got up.

I just love how they instinctively know exactly what to do. I can't wait to see what next year brings.