Thursday, July 10, 2008

Creek Creatures

Remember the other day when I walked along the creek and thought I saw creatures? And one thing looked like leaves swimming upstream. With my old eyes I couldn't tell what it was, but when I got home I zoomed in on the photo and realized it was a turtle carrying leaves. Was it camouflage, nest materials, or breakfast? Any ideas?

So the next day I went back again and caught some turtles sunning themselves on submerged branches. Both adults and young ones kept climbing out at the same spot, and when I'd get close enough to take a photo, they'd jump back in almost before I could focus. It was like a game, but I persevered and got a few snaps.

This little guy is on the same branch as the adult above only he can't get as high, but isn't he cute? We are so lucky to live Here Amongst The Oaks surrounded by wild creatures. Isn't it grand?
P.S. I walked today; 45 minutes/5166 steps.


Beverly said...

It is definitely grand. When we lived in South Florida, we lived on a canal. We got to see lots of fish, turtles and even alligators.

Mary said...

They are so cute - I love to see them sunning on the branches. We have a pond nearby and 'grandfather turtle' is huge, must be very old.

Sad about the bees - is the oppressive heat due to the wildfires? My friends at Lake Almanor in N. Calif. have been pretty close to the fires - quite scary.

Stay safe and thanks for sharing the nature pics.

Dana said...

I loved your turtle photos today--the one with the leaves was so terrific. I have NEVER seen a turtle with ANYTHING in its mouth before---very interesting!