Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fiscal, Physical. and Global Fitness

I've been thinking about Tara's Blog a lot lately and I've come up with some ideas to help attain not only Fiscal and Physical Fitness, but Global Fitness as well. These aren't great huge ideas, but maybe if we all did them, it would help a bit.


We all know fast food isn't good for us, but did you ever total up how much you spend on it? If you're like most Americans, it's probably quite a lot. Imagine how much more food you could buy at the grocery store with that same amount of money. And if you stay out of the center aisles (that's where all the processed stuff is) it would be far fresher and healthier too. And since you can shop for groceries once or twice a week, think of the petrol you'll save by not driving out every evening for take away. And, you won't serve your food on styrofoam and plastic that wastes resources and pollutes our planet.


I know this one is going to be harder, heck I can't manage it, but maybe you can. Now wait, come to think of it, I rode my bike to the store once for a gallon of milk so maybe I can do this one. Again: exercise, saving gas, no pollution.


Not only will you expend energy preparing the site and maintaining the garden, but you will enjoy fresh, healthy veggies and save money at the store. And, since you will be growing yours organically (you will be organic, won't you?) you will help the planet by now spewing chemicals all around.


A generation ago everyone took the elevator because it was modern and cool. Heck, sometimes it was impossible to even find the stairs, but lately I've noticed architects are putting the stairs in more prominent locations. I like that. I'm sure taking the stairs burns lots of calories, just ask my calves after a few flights. I can't figure how this on will help your wallet, but I'm sure it will help the planet because it would save energy if we all did it.


Not only will you burn calories doing this, but you'll save money and electricity, and your clothes will smell divine.

Now I want you to take all that money you've saved and pay off your credit card debt, because credit card debt is bad, bad, bad. I paid off Teen2's wisdom teeth last month and I feel deliciously light and free. (Name the movie.) That's all the great ideas I can think of right now, but I'll bet you can come up with some. Who has another neat idea for shaping up, saving money, and helping our planet?

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