Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Arrival

Squeals of delight echoed Amongst The Oaks last night when Teen1 got home and found this sitting in the driveway. It was so much fun to see her excitement over the new arrival. I guess this is one of those epic moments for a parent. Kind of like watching them take their first steps, hearing them say "Mama" for the first time, teaching them to tie their shoes, taking them to kindergarten, and watching them master a bike. But this one was special because we did it as a surprise! In fact, when she was riding her bike home from her friend's house, she noticed the bug wasn't where she'd seen it so many times with its "FOR SALE" sign on the windscreen. She told us later her heart did a flip flop and she wondered if we'd bought it, but figured probably not. Needless to say, when she saw the car, she flung her bicycle down and started hopping up and down squealing, "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
The car needs some work, but the Lord of the Manor knows all about working on Volkswagens. I think it will be a good daddy/daughter project. She wants to paint it sage green, get a good stereo, reupholster the seats, put in a new headliner, and put her school stickers on the back windows. I think we can do that today. I'm sure it will be real cute, and if I'm lucky, maybe she'll let me drive it now and then.
Beep beep!


Anonymous said...

what a wonderful experience for parent and child!! isn't everyone supposed to have a vw at one point in life?? we surprised our daughter with a jetta (as close to a bug as we could get)and got the same response you describe. fun fun fun! jkj

Anonymous said...

What a lucky Girl!! I learned to drive on my dad's ole VW vanagon. I would have loved having a cute little bug myself. Have fun making it reflect your style, Teen 1!!
Karen xo

Dana said...

What memories that little "bug" brings back to me. In our early years of marriage, we had three! I still love 'em and it looks like Teen 1 does, too!

I just acknowledged your kind award in my post today! Thank you again. Dana

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, Im having a super fun time driving it! lol