Monday, July 28, 2008

Camp Crafts

Remember when you went to camp as a child and every afternoon there would be craft time? Something that involved popsicle sticks maybe? Well, we did that too at Lake Tahoe, but there were no popsicle sticks. Instead we had beads and lavender. It seems we take a craft project with us every time we go camping; sometimes it's T-shirts to decorate and once it was bandanas to decorate with that year's logo. I guess we are just ultra-crafty. Or maybe bored, keeps the kids occupied and it's always fun.

My sister brought all the beading supplies. She set up a table outside and the girls had a wonderful time making bracelets.

I brought some scraps of fabric, buttons, ribbons and a bag of lavender buds. We made a few heart sachets. Here they are sitting on the kitchen windowsill.

I made this skinny heart and it matched the green dresser in my room so nicely that a had to take a photo of it there.

So does anyone else take craft projects to the cabin or camping? What kind of crafts travel well and are easy for everyone to do? Please leave a comment and tell me all about it.


Dana said...

Love those crafty little projects--they keep everyone busy, foster creativity and serve as great momentos.

OK, since you gave the hint the photo was taken at L.Tahoe--is it a pinecone or bark? I'm really trying here! :-)

Amongst The Oaks said...

The mystery photo is not a pinecone or bark. It wasn't taken in the forest, but at the shore. Another guess?

Dana said...

Got it!!! You took the mystery photo at the shore--it looks like wood. It is the top the weathered post you tied your boat to after you rowed it around the lake for two hours each morning, all by yourself, as part of your physical fittness program!! :-)

Dana said...

Left out "of". It should have read "It is the top OF the .....yadda, yadda...." :-( careless, careless.

Amongst The Oaks said...

Yes, you got it Dana. But the part about rowing the boat for two hours was waaaaaay off. I mainly laid and the beach and did nothing! And it was wonderful.

Beverly said...

I'll have to go tease Dana about being so "brilliant". I would say it was the award, but we all know she was brilliant all along. Way to go, Dana and Laura.

Laura, I love your banner. The photo is awesome. And, I love all of you crafty girls. I'm not very crafty, but I am a true appreciator.

Joy said...

Love beaded bracelets!

Dana said...

WOO-HOO!!! If you hadn't been so specific about the location of the shot I would never have figured it out! My vision of you rowing the boat is dashed, however. Actually, I think the "doing nothing" part sounds amazing!! Fun photo--we're looking forward to your next mystery shot!