Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What's Blooming

I worked in my garden for several hours Sunday; weeding, deadheading, pruning, fertilizing, tidying. Teen1 and Teen2 do the mowing in the summer, so I get just the fun jobs. Woohoo! Everything looked so nice, I took some photos for your enjoyment.

This hollyhock grew from seeds that my niece gave me. I really like the old fashioned look of hollyhocks, but mine have been devastated by snails. I use an organic control (picking them up early in the morning and throwing them in the street) and it's not reliable. Oh well...

This lovely squash blossom is on a tiny pathetic plant. I don't have high hopes for squash this year; maybe I planted too late.

However, these cherry tomatoes are doing really well.

This is the pink rose that I used for my Pink Saturday post.

And this beautiful orange rose has those cup shaped blossoms too. Love it.

P.S. Walked this morning; 40 minutes/5036 steps.


Beverly said...

Laura, your blooms look so fresh and lovely.

I adore hollyhocks. I've never planted any - maybe I should try some.

Dana said...

My mom was the "hollyhock queen"--your photo brings back fond memories of her gardening skills. She also used to grow the best tiny yellow tomatoes. They were pear shaped and she said they were "acid-free". She would bring tons of them to me when she visited and we ate them like candy! She also made jelly from them! Your pink rose seems to have opened nicely! Have a great day.

Jill L said...

Your bloomin' phot arelovely --thanks for sharing.

Crystal said...

Beautiful - thank you for the walk in your garden. I remember our neighbor lady having hollyhocks around her house. They still remind me of her. I picked 2 zucchini this morning - yeah!!!

Morning said...

pretty, pretty, pretty! You do have a lovely garden.