Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Finished Bathroom

The bathroom is finished; the painting is all done, the new drawer fronts are installed, the new mirror is hung, and the girls are using it. And I am going in there every morning after they leave and wiping everything down, trying to keep it pristine.

Here is the new mirror that the Lord of the Manor just hung last night.

Here is the shallow linen cupboard behind the entry door with its new doors.

Here are the new drawer fronts and simple chrome and white porcelain pulls. I know they are not the latest style, but I usually go for classic fixtures and hardware so they will never go out of style.

Looking back towards the shower and door, you see that I still need a new shower curtain. Ooops. I also need some artwork over the tub, and maybe some sort of window mistreatment.

But look at these cool Scented Stones that I found. That should make up for the old shower curtain and the lack of artwork. By the way, how do they make stones smell pretty? And remember all the cute shells, stones, and candles on these little shelves? The LOM and I lit them the other night when we...ahem, well, um, took a bath together. But don't tell the kids.

So that's it from the Spa Amongst The Oaks. It's been tested and found to be quite luxurious.


Chris said...

What a beautiful place to retreat to! I love the color.

Scented stones - who knew? I think I'm going on a search for some of those!


Elizabeth Rhiannon said...

Looks great! Clean and refreshing the way a bathroom should be :)

Pippajo said...

Ah, shared baths and showers...the secrets we keep to protect the innocent! What better way to break in a new bathroom?

It looks lovely, so calming and soothing! I would probably be banning the children from using it and giving them a pitcher and basin instead!

How DO they make stones smell nice?

Pippajo said...

One more thing, I've had to change my blog to "by invitation only" and I'd love to send you one but can't find your email address. Mine is theknuthut@msn.com if you would care to send it to me!

Deb said...

Your new bathroom is absolutely gorgeous! I love the wall colour ~ it does look like a spa :-)

Joy said...

Great bathroom redo.. I love the wall color and the mirror.
Happy bday to your Dad too.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

What is that lovely aqua color on the walls? My grandaughter, Julia, just announced that she wants to paint her bedroom walls that color. As for the shared bath--I hope those teenage girls don't read your blog!!! lol They'd be scandalized for sure!

the homely year said...

Fab bathroom...love that colour, just right and very relaxing.
Margaret and Noreen

Neabear said...

Your bathroom has turned out beautiful! You did a great job pulling everything together.