Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mr Jones' Drawing Room

We have exciting news here Amongst The Oaks. A movie is being filmed in our living room! An up-and-coming new director has asked to film Indiana Jones and the Omega Book using our living room as Indie's drawing room. We prepared for it yesterday by finding all kinds of old stuff and staging it to look like a gentleman's rather unkempt study. Think lots of books, maps, and treasures from his travels. See his leather jacket on the chair...
and his sweat stained hat over in the corner?

And there's his battered suit case by the fireplace.

He seems to be studying a map and an ancient journal at the desk. And he has his sextant out dreaming of a distant voyage. Hmmmm, seems to be having a nip of brandy too.

And in this corner are more books, treasures, and a skull! I wonder what ancient secret is written in this journal and how it pertains to this map and skull?

Or perhaps this ship model holds a clue?

There are stacks of books everywhere, several open; perhaps being used for research?

Obviously, Indiana Jones is a man of many interests and I'm delighted that he chose our home to film his latest adventure. I love collecting old stuff and I love helping kids use their imaginations, so today's project delights me to no end. Even if it is just a few high school kids filming a campy Indiana Jones imitation, I'm so excited for them and am willing to loan them almost anything to help. Now, if you will excuse me, I must go iron a blouse for his leading lady.


Joy said...

OMG that is so awesome. Congrats, I hope that you get to meet Harrison Ford too..

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

How cool is that? Cangratulations!

Jen r. said...

WHat a super cool thing and such a compliment....! I love those movies, it will be cool to see someone's house we know in one!

Neabear said...

Okay, so now I am confused. I seem to be that a lot the end you say it is high school kids filming an imitation of Indiana Jones. But the comments before seem to think it is the real thing. I am guessing is the high school kids getting some practice on making movies. Either way it is an honor I am sure. By the way, your living room is beautiful as all the other rooms I have seen so far. You do an awesome job decorating.

Amongst The Oaks said...

You are right Neabear! The up-and-coming director is my neighbor's grandson, the leading lady is my own Teen1, and Harrison Ford was nowhere to be seen yesterday. They have filmed scenes at Lodi Lake, University of the Pacific, grandma's house, and now my house. I seriously doubt that you'll be seeing this movie at your local cineplex, but maybe someday he will make professional movies.

Neabear said...

Those making movies have to start somewhere. Your house is as good as anyplace else. Then when he gets famous you will be able to say he made a movie in your house once. LOL!

dana said...

You had me going on that one!

Actually, I'll bet working with the HS kiddos was a zillion times more fun than if ya had to deal with the real Hollywood folks.