Friday, February 13, 2009

Old Family Photo

I recently came across this old photo of myself and my two sisters. It was taken in 1955 when I was only a few months old. My sister Horse Woman would have been about 3, and Travelbug would have been 6. Aren't we cute? Life was good in the 50s, wasn't it?

When I was at my Dad's house last month helping to clean up and clear out, he gave me these shoes. They are the ones I was wearing in that photo! They are only about 3" long and made of a satin like fabric.They fasten with these tiny mother-of-pearl buttons.

Thank you Mom for getting me these cute little shoes for my first photo. And thank you for saving them all these years. I'll treasure them always.


Neabear said...

That is so neat. You and your sisters are so cute. It is a really good picture. Plus you did a great job photographing the shoes.

tam said...

Aww cute photo and those shoes are darling! Very special treasure!~Smiles~Tam!

Anonymous said...

ooohhh, melt my heart! do the teens know they might get to use them some time?? not for themselves, of course, but should they have offspring? (that sounds way too technical, esp. given the start of this reply!) anyway, how very sweet and poignant for you. those shoes are a sweet valentine! jkj

the homely year said...

Oh, that's so lovely...what wonderful little first shoes...and they kept them for you! It makes it even more special that you can see them on the photograph.
Margaret and Noreen

Tom and Cindy said...

Love the photos. Brings back memories for myself.
Happy Valentines Day
Hope you had a wonderful day