Monday, February 2, 2009

Shell Game

The shelves are decorated.

I bought these bits of sea glass and six candles today. Then I got some shells we'd gathered in Mexico and started arranging it all on these little shelves.

The shells remind me of the fun time we had at Punta Chivato one Christmas.

This chunk of glass is just such a beautiful color.

Here is seaweed from Mexico, a rock Teen2 brought home from the California coast, and more shells from Mexico.

I think you must be bored with this project by now, and it's as done as it can be for a while. The Lord of the Manor is making new drawer fronts and a mirror frame and I'll show you those when they are done, but I promise not to show this bathroom again for a while.


Tolentreasures said...

Your bathroom is beautiful, I love the colors and seeing what you have done! thanks for sharing it!


Neabear said...

The colors are so pretty! I did not mind seeing your bathroom as it progressed. You have done a great job with it! It is very inviting.

Mary said...

I think it all looks SO beautiful, and that sea glass and those pretty shells are just icing on the cake. Lovely!

Anonymous said...

i have this sea glass color in my house, too. i love it. it's in my den and in my guest bath. sooo soothing. you have done a terrif job!! jkj

Mary said...

Laura, loved catching up on all your recent painting projects - they look fabulous! I'm in the midst of a dining room/hallway makeover - always did my own painting but now have a painter because of my shoulder problem. I'm just so into French grey/blue since Oct. in France. I want to change everything!!! dh is not as enthusiastic - perhaps I'll tell him to shape up or I'll put him to work behind the stove!!!!!!!!

P.S. Love your kitchen.