Sunday, February 8, 2009


Okay, who enjoys ironing? Raise your hand....just as I thought, no one! I had lots of ironing to do yesterday, and even though it was a nice day and I had the kitchen door open, it wasn't fun. There were tablecloths, napkins, and lots of shirts and I kept at it for a couple of hours. But this tear in the ironing board cover was annoying. I kept catching the iron in it and it was really bugging me. Even the smell of this apple crisp cooling near the window couldn't keep my mind off the fact that ironing wasn't fun.

But then the gears started turning, and I remembered these curtains from Teen2's bedroom, and I thought maybe I could make a new cover for the ironing board.

So I took the curtain all apart and sure enough it fit. So I laid it on the ironing board, marked the edge of the ironing board, trimmed it a little larger all around, made a pocket, and used the old cord from the curtain for the drawstring.

And now I have this lovely new ironing board cover. Too bad I made it after I'd done all the ironing, because when I was done I actually wanted to iron something, but I didn't have anything left. I can hardly wait for next Saturday. With this new cover I may actually start to enjoy ironing here Amongst The Oaks.


Lorri said...

I hate to iron! When I was single I had some dates that were sooo bad, I would think I had rather be ironing! I just bought a new iron board cover yesterday at TJ Maxx. It is red toile! My favorite. I thought it might help me want to iron more. Have a great day, because now you dont have any ironing to do today!

Tolentreasures said...

what an inspiration. I iron as I need to, usually Sunday mornings since I have a jeans and sweatshirt job and only usually dress up for church. My girls used to sing that song...this is the way we wash the clothes....and they always substituted ironing for Sunday morning.

I'll be covering my ironing board this afternoon!


Neabear said...

Yay! A new ironing board cover. Anything to make ironing more pleasant. It turned out pretty. A great way to reuse fabric from something else.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I am loving that rose blooming ironing board cover! Very lovely!
Maybe I'm weird but I really LOVE ironing, although I loathe cleaning house. I can zone out!! I suppose it is because I can get lost in my daydreams and thoughts. It's monotonous, but I even love the fragrance of linen and cotton.

Blondie's Journal said...

That was really clever!! And it's pretty! It will make ironing a little more pleasant~for awhile anyway! ;-)

I iron on a towel on the counter! Thank goodness my husband know a lovely dry cleaners...


Pieceful Afternoon said...

Wait - wait - I love to iron. I really do. Sometimes I get out all the linens just to re-iron and re-arrange them. I love the smell and the feel of ironing and the sense of accomplishment when everything is neat and tidy. I love your ironing board cover. Mine is turquoise with BIG navy blue polka dots - U-G-L-Y. Can't even remember why I have it - or where it came from. Must have been cheap I can tell you that. I think I'll look for a pretty piece of flowery rosey fabric to make a new cover -yours is so pretty.