Friday, February 6, 2009

Stitch Night

Add party crasher to list of my accomplishments. I've never in my life done this, but I heard about a fun party yesterday, and I crashed it. Yep, I just showed up uninvited. And the hostess was such a good sport about it, she just said, "Look, we have a surprise guest!" {Thank you Radikel, for being so nice.}

It was a Stitch Night. Inspired by SFGirlbyBay and Stitch. And it was so much fun. A group of ladies gets together with their portable projects to stitch, share, and socialize. We had two knitters, some crocheters, and a counted cross stitcher. Did I say it was fun?

The hostess was working on these pillow slips with an Asian lantern theme.

Travelbug was working on {what else?} these travel themed tea towels. That trailer reminds me of Sisters On The Fly. Now those girls know how to have fun.

And Grandma Barb was working on this cross stitch project for her new grandson.

I had such a good time, I'm thinking of crashing more parties having a Stitch Night of my own.


Neabear said...

Did you really crash the party? I can't believe it. So what project did you work on while you were there? Besides take the pictures.

Anonymous said...

that is the coolest party ever! how fun for all. i'm envious. maybe i'll pull out the ol' knitting needles and see if they remember how they work... then i can have a party! jkj

Blondie's Journal said...

This really sounds like fun! Sometimes you need a little butt kick to pick up your projects (me) and just reading this inspires me, soooo, tonight when I'm watching Super Nanny I plan on bringing out my little works-in-progress basket!!

Have a great weekend! :-)


Anonymous said...

Trust me, you are ALWAYS invited to crash any of my parties! In fact I'm really eager to hold another one next month. By that time I can be working on a new project (fingers crossed).
And you are the classiest party crasher-- bringing food and flowers and cute little patterns. Thank You.
Come anytime!!
Karen xo